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company news about A guidance of jib crane

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Company News
A guidance of jib crane
Latest company news about A guidance of jib crane

A jib crane is a type of crane that has a horizontal arm from which loads can be suspended. It is a useful tool for lifting and moving loads in industrial settings. Here are some guidance for using a jib crane:

  1. Check the capacity - Make sure the load you are lifting does not exceed the rated capacity of the jib crane. If overloaded, it can cause damage to the crane or even tipping over.

  2. Secure the base - The base of the jib crane needs to be securely fixed to the ground or floor. If not, it will not be stable during lifting. Anchor bolts are commonly used to fix the crane base.

  3. Inspect the crane - Perform regular inspections of the jib crane to ensure all parts are in good working order. Check for any visible damage or wear and tear. Also inspect bolts, pins, hooks, chains and other hardware.

  4. Test the crane controls - Test the crane controls to ensure smooth operation of lifting and rotating motion. Raise and lower the hoist to check for any jerking movements or excessive noise.

  5. Balance the load - The load must be balanced and secured properly when suspending from the crane. Unbalanced loads can swing out of control and cause instability of the crane. Attach the load at the center of gravity for the best stability.

  6. Operate slowly - Exercise caution when operating the controls. Move the load slowly and steadily to avoid abrupt movements that can overload the crane.

  7. Never leave a suspended load - Never leave a load suspended from the crane unattended. Always lower the load and turn off power to the crane when not in use.

  8. Train operators - Ensure all jib crane operators receive proper training on safe operating procedures and the capacity of the specific crane model. Only authorized personnel should operate the crane.

  9. Follow manufacturers guidelines - Follow the guidelines and recommendations provided in the operating manual by the jib crane manufacturer for safe operation and maintenance.

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