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company news about General Overhead Crane Classification

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Company News
General Overhead Crane Classification
Latest company news about General Overhead Crane Classification

General purpose overhead crane refers to a general-purpose overhead crane that works in a general environment

1. Universal hook overhead crane

The general hook overhead crane is composed of metal structure, large car running mechanism, trolley running mechanism, lifting mechanism, electrical and control system and driver's cab. The pick-up device is a hook. The rated lifting capacity is less than 10T, mostly 1 lifting mechanism; Above 16T, there are mostly two main and auxiliary lifting mechanisms. These cranes can load, unload and move materials and equipment in a wide variety of operating environments.


2. Grab overhead crane

The device of the grab overhead crane is a grab, and the wire rope is connected to the grab lifting, lifting mechanism, opening and closing mechanism respectively. It is mainly used for loading, unloading and hoisting of bulk cargo, scrap steel, wood, etc. This kind of crane except for the lifting and closing mechanism, its structural components, etc. are the same as the general hook overhead crane.


3. Electromagnetic overhead crane

The basic structure of electromagnetic overhead crane is the same as that of hook overhead crane, except that 1 DC lifting electromagnet (also known as electromagnetic chuck) is hung on the hook, which is used to lift ferrous metals with magnetic conductivity and their products. Usually through the motor generator set on the bridge walkway or the thyristor DC box installed in the driver's room to change the AC power supply to DC power supply, and then through the special cable drum set on the trolley frame, the DC power supply is sent to the lifting electromagnet with a flexible cable.


4. Dual-purpose overhead crane

There are 3 types of dual-purpose overhead cranes: grab hook overhead crane, electromagnetic hook overhead crane and grab electromagnetic overhead crane. It is characterized by two sets of independent lifting mechanisms on one trolley, one for grabs and one for hooks (or one set for electromagnetic chuck and one set for hook, or one set for grab and one set for electromagnetic chuck).


5. Three-purpose overhead crane

Three-purpose overhead crane is a multi-purpose crane. Its basic structure is the same as that of electromagnetic overhead cranes. According to the needs, you can use the hook to lift heavy objects, you can also hang 1 motor grab on the hook to load and unload materials, and you can also unload the grab and then hang the electric disk to lift ferrous metal, so it is called a three-purpose bridge (replaceable) crane.

The grab * AC power supply works, the electric disk * DC power supply works. Therefore, the model must be equipped with an electric generator set or thyristor DC power box like an electromagnetic overhead crane. This crane is suitable for material places where the pick-up device is frequently changed.


6. Double trolley overhead crane

This kind of crane is basically the same as the hook overhead crane, but 2 trolleys with the same lifting capacity are installed on the bridge frame. This machine is used for lifting and loading and unloading long objects.

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