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company news about The difference between the European bridge machine and the universal bridge machine

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Company News
The difference between the European bridge machine and the universal bridge machine
Latest company news about The difference between the European bridge machine and the universal bridge machine

Both the European bridge crane and the universal bridge crane are a kind of lifting equipment used in industry. Although they have a similar appearance, there are obvious differences in design, function and scope of application. 1. Differences in design structure: The design of the European-style bridge machine is in line with European standards. It usually adopts European standard materials, and has its own track and pinion, which is light in weight, overall stable and smooth in operation. Its fuselage design is short and compact, suitable for light lifting and unloading work. There is no need to install too many steel frames and many accessories, and the overall design is more suitable for small spaces. The general-purpose bridge crane is designed according to the global general standard, the materials and structure used are relatively large, and the skeleton structure is correspondingly increased to bear heavier loads. It has a long body, a wide range of applications, mass production, high stability, easy operation and maintenance, and is widely used in industry and construction. 2. Functional differences: European-style bridge machines are usually more suitable for operations with high alignment accuracy, so for operations that require special extension or higher precision, European-style bridge machines are more suitable to ensure smooth transportation and movement of goods. The general-purpose bridge crane pays more attention to the load-bearing capacity, has a stronger load-bearing capacity, and can hoist large loads. Unlike the European-style bridge crane, its base is slightly larger, which is convenient for supporting heavy goods and can better complete Various carrying tasks. 3. Differences in scope of application: Due to its short structure and higher requirements for alignment accuracy, the European-style bridge crane is suitable for lifting, unloading and handling of light items. This includes tasks such as light production, loading and unloading and cutting, and is generally applicable to spaces such as light factories, warehouses and shops. Due to its greater carrying capacity and heavy load handling capacity, general-purpose bridge cranes are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, ports and other places, as well as reloading, unloading and stacking in industries such as steel, ships and mines. Therefore, the scope of application of the universal bridge machine is wider, the application scenarios are more diverse, and the efficiency is higher.

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